• What Is Perio Protect®?

    When patients experience advanced periodontal disease near Barrington—also known as periodontitis or advanced periodontitis—they may need to undergo various treatments to restore their gums to proper health. Unfortunately, gingivitis is the only form of periodontal disease that is fully curable, but there are effective treatments, such as Perio Protect® , that protects patients’ teeth and gums from further degradation and decay. Let’s take a closer look what Perio Protect® can do for patients.

    Patients with periodontal disease may need procedures known as planing and scaling to return their gums to health. These procedures are often performed by a dentist or periodontist, and they remove the plaque and bacteria buildup that occurs on the teeth. However, bacteria can come back almost immediately, which can slow the healing process of the gums. With Perio Protect®, however, patients can keep the dangerous effects of the bacteria at bay, and their gums can be restored to health quickly. Perio Protect® is a solution wherein a dentist will place a chemical into the pockets between the gums and teeth. This cleaning solution will reduce the amount of bacteria and infection before it can occur and damage the mouth again.

     Perio Protect® Treatment