• Are Composite Fillings Better Than Amalgam Fillings?

    Though dental fillings are necessary to protect a tooth from tooth decay, they have become a part of cosmetic dentistry as well. Composite fillings—also called tooth-colored fillings—are a popular cosmetic option for teeth located in an area that is easily seen. Amalgam fillings are common, metal fillings that have been used for several decades. How do patients know which filling option is the best for their dental health near Barrington? Watch the short video for a brief look at composite fillings.

    Neither filling option is necessarily better than the other. Composite fillings are popular in cosmetic dentistry, because they are often used on the front teeth to prevent the embarrassing look of metal fillings. Amalgam fillings are often used on the molars because they are strong enough to withstand the chewing forces that are placed on the back teeth. Discuss the different options during a dental exam.

  • What Is Perio Protect®?

    When patients experience advanced periodontal disease near Barrington—also known as periodontitis or advanced periodontitis—they may need to undergo various treatments to restore their gums to proper health. Unfortunately, gingivitis is the only form of periodontal disease that is fully curable, but there are effective treatments, such as Perio Protect® , that protects patients’ teeth and gums from further degradation and decay. Let’s take a closer look what Perio Protect® can do for patients.

    Patients with periodontal disease may need procedures known as planing and scaling to return their gums to health. These procedures are often performed by a dentist or periodontist, and they remove the plaque and bacteria buildup that occurs on the teeth. However, bacteria can come back almost immediately, which can slow the healing process of the gums. With Perio Protect®, however, patients can keep the dangerous effects of the bacteria at bay, and their gums can be restored to health quickly. Perio Protect® is a solution wherein a dentist will place a chemical into the pockets between the gums and teeth. This cleaning solution will reduce the amount of bacteria and infection before it can occur and damage the mouth again.

     Perio Protect® Treatment

  • Get to Know Dr. Robert Bouffard

    Robert Bouffard, DDS, brings advanced training and years of experience to Maple Avenue Family Dentistry . At our Dr. Robert Bouffard clinic for cosmetic dentistry near Bristol, Dr. Bouffard is dedicated to promoting dental health for patients who have developed periodontal disease. As a skilled oral surgeon, Dr. Bouffard remains on the cutting edge of emerging dental technologies. He has undergone advanced training in innovative techniques such as guided tissue regeneration and computer-aided design. Dr. Bouffard has helped many patients at our cosmetic dentistry practice enjoy their beautiful smiles again through the sophisticated placement of dental implants.

    Before he joined our cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Bouffard graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He went on to earn the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Maryland Dental School. Dr. Bouffard is also a distinguished veteran, having been commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy while still a dental student. During his 20-plus years of active duty service, Dr. Bouffard completed a hospital-based general practice residency and a specialty residency in periodontics. He maintains his status as a board-certified dentist who has achieved Diplomate status from the American Board of Periodontology.