• Common Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy

    While cosmetic dentistry treatments and orthodontics are ways to gain a smile that you feel proud of, it’s important to remember that good oral care is even more important than the appearance of your teeth. While this is always the case, it’s particularly important during pregnancy. It’s essential to protect your dental health near Barrington while you are pregnant because fluctuating hormone levels can cause you to be more vulnerable to several oral health problems.

    During pregnancy, many women experience gums that are swollen and tender or that bleed easily, and dentists call this condition pregnancy gingivitis. Also, pregnant women are at an increased risk for tooth decay, as well as overgrowths of tissue on the gums called pregnancy tumors.

    Your mouth can be thought of as the gateway to your body’s overall health. Also, maintaining good oral health habits can help protect the health of the child that you’re carrying and help ensure his or her good dental development. For these reasons, it’s important to eat well, take good care of your teeth and gums, and to see your dentist regularly during pregnancy.

    Dental health during pregnancy near Barrington