Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixing Gaps In Teeth

Who would not like to have a brilliant set of white, sparkling, well formed, teeth? A smile is a great way to break a boardroom silence or just say ‘hello’. In today’s fast paced life, where corporate culture has spread its wings to almost all spheres of life, being smart and good looking is an important virtue.

Teeth can suffer from many problems like deformation, yellowness, cavity and tooth decay. Improper oral hygiene, accidents, calcium deficiency and bad eating habits are foremost responsible for most of the oral problems. While talking to a person, ones teeth are one of the first things to be noticed. A set of bad, ill maintained teeth is a big turnoff in meetings and could also go against the persona of an individual.

Maple Avenue Family Dentistry offers number of cosmetic options available in the market for you to have that perfect smile. From tooth whitening to filling gaps and fixing broken or crooked teeth, everything under the sun can be done with the help of modern cosmetic dentistry. Although expensive, these procedures cannot be called extensive in any way and take at most three to four sittings of approximately one hour each. Here we will have a look at some of the available cosmetic s dentistry options available for fixing gaps in ones teeth.

Porcelain veneers – Many people suffer from physical deformities in their tooth surface. Porcelain veneers are use in cosmetic dentistry to fix such problems. In cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers are used to give the face of the tooth, a new surface so that it’s proper natural structuring or cosmetic dental restructuring can be aided. One of the main uses of a Porcelain veneer is to give the desired shape and size to a natural tooth. Such veneers are mainly used to fix gaps, crooked teeth and while whitening as a placeholder for the whitening agent.

Bonding – Probably one of the most famous choices in cosmetic dentistry for fixing dental problems, bonding is used to treat gaps within teeth, stains due to calcium deposits, crooked tooth or any physical damage done to the tooth. If you are having chips in teeth, this procedure can be used without a second thought. This procedure includes placing a composite resin based filling over the teeth for fixing physical tooth related damages. For getting the required shape, a thin layer of hard but malleable plastic like material is applied under a bonding material which bonds it to the tooth. The applied material is then carved to get the desired shape. The process is finished by drying the material in high-intensity light to make it hard. After polishing, the tooth gets a natural look and will last for next 7-11 years approximately.

Braces – These are one of the most famous options for removing gaps in-between the teeth. Usually an orthodontist should be a person to apply braces.

Different procedures are required for different jobs. While a large gap in teeth is not suitable to be fixed by bonding a small gap can be easily fixed. Cosmetic dentistry is not a cheap option, so think carefully before you opt for it.

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