Dental Implants: A Better Alternative to Tooth-Supported Bridges

Dental implants

People who are missing one or more teeth experience a change in the way they look, eat and speak. Fortunately, there are easy and affordable solutions to fix this problem. A dental implant or dental bridge can both be effective, but it is up to patients to decide which option is right for them.

Longevity – Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Bridges are an alternative option for those in need of replacement teeth, but with a much shorter life expectancy than implants, typically requiring replacement about every ten years.

Cost-Effectiveness – Dental implants have a much better long-term prognosis, they are more cost-effective than the alternative option of a bridge which, again, is expected to require replacement after ten years.

Bone Preservation Dental implants are essentially substitute tooth roots, they provide the same function as natural tooth roots. Dental implants help stimulate jawbone growth so your bone does not atrophy. Bridges do not offer this same benefit. In fact, if you replace a front tooth with a tooth supported bridge, eventually the gums and bone above the replacement tooth will collapse.

Health Of Adjacent Teeth – Implant restorations do not involve adjacent teeth, whereas bridges compromise the long-term health of adjacent teeth by removing the enamel and placing additional forces on them.

Esthetics And Function – With dental implants, your replacement teeth will appear and function more like natural teeth, with greater comfort and confidence when smiling, speaking, and eating. Dental implants preserve bone and prevent deterioration of the facial structures.

Oral Hygiene and Maintenance – Implant supported crowns can be cleaned like natural teeth, oral hygiene and care are easier and more convenient in comparison to the cleaning and care of bridges. Bridges are not as easy to clean leaving them more susceptible to decay, root canals, and gum problems.

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