How Dental Implants Are Placed

Dental implants in Barrington

If you are considering dental implants near Barrington, you are not alone. Millions of Americans visit their dentists for dental implants each year. Dental implants are designed to serve as permanent replacements for missing teeth. These tiny titanium screws fuse with the jawbone itself, preserving healthy bone tissue and even promoting further growth. Dental implants are then capped by a dental bridge or dental crowns. Keep reading to learn more about a dentist places dental implants by burying the implants, placing the abutments, and completing the crowns. dental implants barrington

Burying Implants

Burying the implants themselves it the first step in placing dental implants. If you have lost teeth due to periodontal disease, you may have also lost healthy bone tissue. When your dentist surgically buries dental implants in your jaw, it prevents further deterioration—and preserves your oral health. This first stage in surgery replaces the tooth root. The dental implant is placed underneath the gum to protect it as it is healing. After the area has sufficiently healed, some of the underlying gum is exposed.

Placing Abutments

The second stage in dental implants involves placing the abutments. At this point, your dentist will make sure you are in good dental health and that your implants have properly healed. After checking to make sure that the implants have successfully integrated into the jawbone, posts called abutments are placed on top of the dental implants. In some cases, a dentist is able to place the dental implants and abutments in a single surgery.

Completing Crowns

As the abutments are healing, your dentist will begin customizing your dental crowns or dental bridge. These prosthetic devices are created in a lab and customized to your individual needs. Dental crowns can be color-matched precisely to your surrounding natural teeth. A dental bridge is simply a device that consists of three or more dental crowns fused together. Placing dental crowns or a bridge is the final stage in completing your dental implants and requires no additional surgery. At the end, you will have a beautiful and completely restored smile.