Reducing Your Risk of Gum Disease

Good Oral Hygiene Practice for Patients in Barrington, RI

Are you considering cosmetic dentistry procedures or dental implants to improve your smile or dental health near Barrington? If so, then the health of your gums may influence your candidacy for these treatments. To help reduce your risk for gum disease and the problems that it can cause, use the following tips: Risk of Gum Disease

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Your dentist or periodontist will tell you that one of the easiest ways that you can reduce your risk of gum disease and other oral health problems is to keep your teeth clean. To do this, brush your teeth twice per day for a full 2 minutes while making sure to scrub every reachable surface of your teeth. Also, floss your teeth at least once per day and see your dentist a couple of times per year for checkups and cleanings.

Take Control of Diabetes

Because the volatile blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can reduce your body’s ability to fight infection, you are at a greater risk of developing gum disease if you’ve been diagnosed with this condition. When it comes to protecting the health of your gums when you have diabetes, managing the disease and your blood sugar levels is essential.

Check for Symptoms

Knowing that you’re at a higher risk for gum disease and watching for symptoms of gingivitis, such as swollen or bleedings gums, can allow you to prevent this problem from worsening. If any of your immediate family members have had gum disease, then this puts you at a higher risk, as do illnesses like cancer and HIV, taking certain medications, and being pregnant.

Quit Your Smoking Habit

You may already know that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, but you may not realize the effect that this habit can have on your gums. Smoking is a significant risk factor for gum disease and can also hinder your treatment if you are already dealing with gum problems. To help promote your overall and dental health, it can be very beneficial to quit smoking.