Sensitive Teeth

People who suffer from tooth pain could be suffering due to the result of a painful problem called dentin hypersensitivity. This condition is usually caused by such things as microscopic cracks and chips in the enamel of the teeth, overly vigorous brushing and receding gums, but it can also be caused by more serious things such as gum disease, eating disorders, tooth fractures or root nerve damage. These things expose the sensitive dentin underlying the protective layer of enamel, and this can cause sudden and unexpected pain from affected teeth.

People who have sensitive teeth often avoid food and beverages that are extremely hot or cold and hard-to-chew foods such as hard pretzels and steak.

To combat the pain patients often use special toothpaste containing strontium chloride or potassium nitrate, or they apply an oxalate compound directly to the sensitive areas. These compounds block the nerve impulses that create the sensitivity. Using soft-bristled toothbrushes can also help, especially for those people who tend to brush their teeth too hard.

If a person with sensitive teeth can find no relief from over-the-counter remedies, professional dental assistance is required. A dentist can apply special dental bonding agents and sealants to their teeth to create a barrier that is just as effective as their natural enamel. Laser therapy can also permanently seal exposed dentin in some cases.

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