Signs That You Could Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening

A white smile is a beautiful feature that will stand out on any person’s face. When you start to notice that your teeth are yellowing or discolored, do not hesitate to make an appointment at an office that offers cosmetic dentistry near Barrington . Your dentist can provide you with state of the art teeth whitening services that will provide you with a brilliant new smile, while also helping to promote your overall dental health. Rather than attempting to whiten your teeth with an at home kit, you will find that you get better results when you visit a professional. Let’s explore the top three signs that you could benefit from a professional teeth whitening service.

tooth whitening in barrington, ri Your Teeth Are Very Discolored

The amount of discoloration on your teeth may indicate whether or not you are in need of professional services. If your teeth are only slightly yellowed, you may be able to treat them with an at-home kit. However, teeth that are very yellow or brown in color may benefit from a deep whitening service at the dentist.

You Have Sensitive Teeth

An at-home whitening kit may irritate your sensitive teeth. In the event that you find that whitening your teeth at home is painful or uncomfortable in any way, you will want to visit the dentist for your teeth whitening procedure. Your dentist will use extremely gentle methods to fully whiten and restore your smile. You can also work with your dental practitioner to find a teeth whitening option that is comfortable for your sensitive teeth.

You Have Other Oral Health Problems

Sometimes, tooth discoloration can be caused by more serious oral health problems, such as decay, abscesses, or gum disease. In order to make sure that your tooth yellowing has not been caused by another more serious condition, it is a terrific idea to schedule your teeth whitening at a professional office. During your whitening appointment, your dentist can check for other signs of damage to your teeth.

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