The Benefits of Fluoride for Adults

Benefits of Fluoride for Adults in Barrington, RI

As we age and get older our gums start to recede and our root surfaces soften. This makes for a more high-risk opportunity for tooth decay where it once was pretty resistant. At your next dental cleaning your hygienist may recommend applying Fluoride varnish to your teeth at the end of the appointment.

What is Fluoride Varnish and why are they recommending it for you?

Fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated Fluoride applied by a Dentist, Hygienist, or Assistant. Fluoride varnish is used for tooth sensitivity the prevention of cavities and to also strengthen the tooth surfaces. Fluoride varnish is recommended for both children and adults. It is used for cavity prevention and desensitizing teeth. Research is supporting that for adults it should be used for the same reasons, but also for enamel demineralization, preventing cavities around fillings, crowns and bridges, dry mouth, and recession areas.

If you are an adult & have any of the following listed – you could benefit from Fluoride!

  • frequent decay
  • gum recession
  • sensitive teeth
  • dry mouth
  • drink lots of soda or juice
  • eat a lot of fruit
  • high sugar diet
  • infrequent brushing & flossing
  • are currently in braces
  • deal with reflux
  • defects in teeth
  • head or neck cancer with radiation

Will insurance cover fluoride?

Most plans cover up to age 16 years old and two times a year. All insurance plans are different. If your insurance won’t cover it, that does not mean you don’t need it! Fluoride is VERY inexpensive, especially when compared to the costs of restorative dental care. By getting the fluoride treatment you will be reducing your future dental treatment needs and costs.

You’re never too old to be concerned about preventing tooth decay! Fluoride is beneficial to our teeth from infancy to senior! Fluoride is safe, easy, painless and quickly applied. To learn more about fluoride treatments. Contact Maple Avenue Family Dentistry today at (401) 237-4324.

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