The Hidden Hazards of Missing Teeth

Tooth Loss Treatments in Barrington, RI

Missing teeth near Barrington can be embarrassing to many patients, but it can also spell dental problems in the future. Without a proper tooth replacement, such as a dental implant , patients may experience further tooth loss, tooth decay, and marked changes in their appearance. It is essential that patients have their missing teeth replaced as soon as possible to avoid the following hidden hazards: Tooth Loss Treatments in Barrington, RI

Bone Loss

Even missing one tooth can negatively affect the jawbone. Missing several teeth can severely affect it, which can change a patient’s appearance and cause major bone loss in the jaw. The jawbone acts as an anchor for the teeth. When a tooth is lost, the bone in the jaw no longer has another tooth to hold, so it begins to shrink and degrade. As the bone shrinks, the rest of the mouth and appearance of the face can change. The best way to combat this potential bone loss is with dental implants, which fuse with the natural bone and strengthen it.

Older Appearance

Due to the potential for bone loss, the shape of the mouth and face can change significantly. As the bone shrinks, the face will have a smaller, older appearance. The skin will begin to sag, and the hollows of the mouth and face will become more pronounced. These bone loss effects can cause an aged appearance to occur, no matter the age of the patient.

Gum Recession

When teeth are missing, not only will the jawbone begin to shrink, but the surrounding gums can shrink as well. The connective tissues of the gums no longer have a tooth to hold, which means they will shrink and pull on the gums that surround the nearby teeth. As the gums recede, patients can experience a multitude of problems, such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and more tooth loss. Patients may also experience further tooth decay because of the difficulty to floss and brush around teeth with nearby missing teeth.