Dentures in Barrington RI

If you have lost teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay or some kind of accident, removable dentures can replace your missing teeth while maintaining the natural appearance of your smile.

Missing teeth can cause other dental health issues such as shifting of the remaining healthy teeth, difficulty with chewing and speech, and the loss of your natural facial structure.

Dentures are constructed from either an acrylic-based resin material or porcelain. Sometimes metals are combined with the resin. They are colored to appear as natural as your own teeth.

Dentures come as either complete or partial. Complete dentures are necessary when there are several teeth that need to be replaced and are replaced as an arch. A partial denture is recommended when the patient has viable, healthy teeth remaining in which to attach the denture. Dentures can often be used in conjunction with implants for enhanced bite stability.

If you don’t believe that dentures are suited for you, please see our information on Dental Implants.

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